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Nov. 28th, 2011



Your job is now your Time Lord name. The last digit of your phone number is the current regeneration you are in. The nearest clothing item to your right is now the most notable item in your current wardrobe. The last person you texted is your current companion. Your favorite word is now your catchphrase.

My name is the Paralegal, and I'm on my Eighth regeneration. My outfit consists of jeans and a Firefly tee.  Eliza is my companion, and we're the best damn team TARDIS to ever grace the Time Vortex. My catch phrase is "BAZINGA!" 

Snagged from lilferret.

Nov. 9th, 2011


I am alive.

Honest. (Tumblr always takes precedence over LJ nowadays - here's the link should you have a tumblr and want to follow me...even though I mostly reblog fandom related things, and by that, I mean mostly Doctor Who and Sherlock. =D )  Anyway, I can honestly say that I like my new job. I've been at it for a month and a half now, and it's so much more than my prior jobs. I'M ACTUALLY USING MY BRAIN AT WORK, YOU GUYS.  It's kind of awesome.

...and I've lost all incentive to write this entry. Wow.  School's been really stressing me out lately - I ended up with an A in my first class, and now we're onto Legal Research and Writing, which is not simple. (Plus, I leave for Florida on vacation with my family next Friday, so I'm trying to get homework done in advance so I have as little homework to do while I'm down there as possible. And it certainly doesn't help that the week we're going away is group project week. Sigh.)  But yeah, so I've been kinda stressed this week about that.  (So much so that I didn't watch glee last night, which, if you know me and how much I love Klaine, means I must be sick or something.)

But yeah. So this has been an update.  Everything is Sherlock/John and nothing hurts.

Sep. 30th, 2011


Not Sure If Want.

So, I've completed my first week at my new job (well, four days - I was off yesterday for Rosh Hashanah), and I'm not sure if I like it.  For those of you who haven't been keeping track, I started Monday working full-time as a paralegal for a bankruptcy firm eight minutes from my house. The firm is made up of two partners - a husband and wife, it's kinda sweet, actually - and two paralegals, Judi and myself.  (The bookkeeper comes in two days a week as well.)  Yes, I have a B.A. in criminal justice. Yes, I've worked in law - criminal law and personal injury/workers' comp law. I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT BANKRUPTCY.  Basically, as of Monday, in addition to my homework for my M.A., I've been LEARNING ALL THE THINGS about bankruptcy, and it's slow going. It's complicated because the rules aren't set in stone, and as a paralegal, I'm actually DOING THINGS as opposed to just mailing letters.  Steve (the partner who does most of the bankruptcy work) has been really great by trying to explain things to me, giving me manuals and books, etc, but it's a lot to learn at once, and SO MANY NUMBERS.  I know I can't accurately judge if I like it until I understand it, but it's just a bit frustrating.

Speaking of frustrating, THE WEDDING OF RIVER SONG AIRS TOMORROW. HOLY MOTHER OF GALLIFREY, I'M SO EXCITED/SCARED/DREADING THE END OF THE SEASON/DYING WHILE WAITING/A;LKDFJA;SDJGAKJ;DGLJK;JGDA;.  I CANNOT EVEN, YOU GUYS.  (Eleven's sonic and my TARDIS mug that I ordered from Thinkgeek came Wednesday night, and the Master's fob watch should arrive Tuesday, so I'm armed with two sonic screwdrivers, should I need them.)  My plan is to do my homework before downloading it when it airs in the UK and then 1) CRY ALL THE TEARS. 2) FLAIL AT ALL THE THINGS. 3) TINYCHAT WITH MY SQUAD AND CRY ALL THE TEARS AND FLAIL AT ALL THE THINGS.

I can't believe that after this, it's just the Christmas Special and then NO DOCTOR WHO UNTIL AUTUMN 2012. (If we don't get an Easter special too, I MAY KILL SOMEONE.) Someone please build me a Pandorica so I can just be put in stasis until then so I won't suffer. PLEASE.

That's really it for now, I think.


Sep. 23rd, 2011


Today's where my life begins.

Well, technically Monday, but whatever.  I'm writing this from my last day of work in Philly, where I've been since 9AM this morning.  I had been asked to work 9-5 because Heather has off today, and I've been out of things to do since 9:30.  I've done a little homework, read a good chunk of the Sherlock Holmes short stories I brought with me (and I've got another James Patterson book in my bag, should I finish this one), and have just generally wasted my time waiting for the phone to ring (even though it doesn't).  I've got three hours left of this job, then it's off into the pouring rain for my I GOT A NEW JOB AND IT'S FRIDAY FRIDAY AND TOMORROW IS MATTURDAY MATTURDAY chocolate milkshake from ScoopdeVille, and then home.

Also, I finally spent the $25 Thinkgeek gift certificate that tinkdances bought me for graduation - I bought the Eleventh Doctor's sonic screwdriver and a TARDIS mug.  (I already have Ten's sonic, and River's sonic is out of stock, or I would have bought that too. So is Eleven's sonic that's actually a pen. BUY ALL THE SONICS!)  Money well spent. <3


So yes, I'm sitting here really bored, and this was kinda an excuse to pass the time.  I'd work on the rough draft of my final paper for American Jurisprudence, but I don't have access to my outline or thesis statement, so there goes that idea. Plus, I'm not in a working mood anyway.

Less than a month til Comic Con! JUPITER STAR POWER!

Okay, that's enough babbling.
Hugs and butterfly kisses,
Your Sarah

Sep. 15th, 2011

Captain Hammer - Thanks to ME

I can't even, you guys. I'm so excited.

So it was decided a couple years ago that my friends and I were gonna go to New York Comic Con dressed as the Sailor Scouts one year. (From Sailor Moon, in case you don't remember.)  I was designated as Jupiter, despite being short.  Well, this year's the year.  My boots arrived today!


Also, my tiara and earrings shipped today!!!  I ordered the costume itself like twenty minutes ago, so it should get here a week or so before NYCC.  WE SO EXCITED.

There will be pictures after, of course - and as I get each piece of the costume in the mail.  But still - THIS IS GONNA BE TOTALLY AWESOME.

Sep. 9th, 2011

Life&#39;s a Beach

It's amazing how much a little gesture can mean.

I was really blown away today by it.  I have about a mile to walk between my work and the train station, and I see all sorts of people each day. On Friday afternoons, if I see any police officers on the street, I make sure to tell at least one of them to have a nice weekend.  This afternoon, I did just that - stopped right before I got to the stairwell to go to the train, took out my headphones, and told the young cop to have a nice weekend.  The smile he gave me - oh, it warmed my heart.  It was a smile that showed he clearly meant it, and that it had brightened his day.  He told me to do the same, but it didn't matter - my weekend was already made by his smile. (It also helped that he was cute.)

It just got me thinking, y'know? If one person can make a police officer smile that brightly by just wishing them to have a nice weekend, it makes me curious and a little sad that people don't stop to talk to them more often.  We all know police officers are on the street on a daily basis - even if we don't see them, we know they're there.  Especially this weekend, on the tenth anniversary of the tragedy that struck the United States, we should be all the more thankful for those individuals who help keep us safe.

Next week, when I tell a police officer to have a nice weekend, I'm gonna add something else: thank you.  Thank you for risking your health and safety to keep our nation safe.  Thank you for doing the job that people often don't appreciate you for.  Thank you for honoring our great nation.

To all the police officers, firefighters, and public officials who work day in and day out to keep our nation safe - thank you.

God Bless America.

Aug. 8th, 2011

Enterprise - To Boldy Go

Day One of my new job.

So, today is my first day of my new job, and I'm totally not writing this from my desk.  Well, it's more of a half-cubicle (because I'm not completely boxed in), but it's still really nice.  The computer software is all up to date (unlike my last job), I have an awesome flatscreen monitor (not the brick I had while working for Jeff), and it's my own little space to do with as I will. Three of the four attorneys are out all day today - one of the two I directly work under is in KY doing a trial until next week - and the one I did see was only here for about five minutes. (He had just settled a big case and decided to head home for the day. He said that we'd talk tomorrow when we were both in the office, and he'd give me my first couple of assignments.)  The office consists of four attorneys (two managing partners and two associates), two part-time legal assistants (one of whom is me), and one full-time legal assistant (Heather).  It's really nice to work in a place where both of the other legal assistants are almost exactly my age.  Heather and I chatted for a bit today while she showed me around and how things work, and she's wonderful.  It really is lovely to be working with people who don't snap at you for no reason.

So, I'm really out of things to do until five (when my day officially ends), so I'm kinda just toying around on the internet. (I may start reading Deathly Hallows again - I brought it with me for the train ride, but was too nervous about not knowing where I was going to read this morning.)  Speaking of the train, it's not bad at all. I'm the last stop coming into work (so I don't really have to worry about missing my stop), and I think I'm the third to last stop coming home. Total commute time via train is about 25 minutes. The only bad thing is that I realized that my stop isn't half as close to work as I thought it was - it's two VERY LONG blocks down and six or seven NEVER ENDING blocks up. At least the intersection I come up is right where my building is. Going to and from work in sneakers was possibly the best idea I ever had. So really, that's it. (I bought paper train tickets today instead of the card thingy, so I'll have to investigate further.)

That's that, guys. Hopefully tomorrow's work is more interesting than the whole lot of nothing I did today. Also, here's to hoping that commuting home in rush hour traffic doesn't take me as long as I think it will. My goal is to make it home by six upon leaving work at five. I'll let you know if I actually succeed.

Hugs and Butterfly Kisses,
Your Sarah


Aug. 5th, 2011

Captain Hammer - Thanks to ME

*points to her icon*

 Seriously, thanks to me! I got a call yesterday from a personal injury/workers compensation law firm in Philadelphia to set up an interview - they were looking for a part time legal assistant. So, this morning I drive into the city for my interview. I thought it had gone really well, and I was told that I'd hear back from the firm within a week. I called my dad while walking the one block back to the parking garage, and I hadn't even gotten inside the parking structure before I got another call - it was one of the managing partners of the law firm.


It's a permanent part-time position (25 hours a week, noon to 5 PM Monday through Friday), which isn't exactly what I was looking for, but it's definitely a start. Pay is $12 an hour, and I think I'm gonna ask one of the managing partners on Monday if they'd be willing to raise my salary a little more, given that I now have to pay Philadelphia city wage tax, as well as factor in public transportation costs. (I've decided I'll drive to the train station and take PATCO into the city - $6 round trip, as opposed to the $5 for the Ben Franklin Bridge and whatever absolutely ungodly amount a parking garage would cost. -- To put it in perspective, the parking garage one block from the office charged me $15 and I was there for legitimately less than an hour. NOT DOING THAT AGAIN. Also, it makes commuting home from Philadelphia in rush hour traffic much better. I hate sitting/getting stuck in traffic and commuting home from Philly each day would do NOTHING for my stress level.) So, the long and the short of this is that A) I have to call/contact the NJ unemployment office to cancel my claim (unemployed for a grand total of a week - I'm actually very lucky), B) I have to invest in a debit-y card thing for PATCO (so I don't have to fuss with buying a ticket each day), and C) well, I don't know if there actually is a point C.

Yes, I've put in job applications all over the place, and there are still a couple that I'm hoping to hear back from (i.e. the Burlington County Superior Court - they're looking for full time Court Services Officers - that job posting closes the 15th of this month, so I wouldn't be surprised if I don't hear back until at least the week after - I REALLY want that job.), but for now, I'll take 25 hours a week. I'll get a desk, it's in an air conditioned office, and I'm working for attorneys. I approve.

So, I think that about sums this up. Sarah is employed again WOOOOO (but still keep your fingers crossed for me about Burlington County!) So yeah, I'm out of things to ramble about, so I'm just gonna stop now.

Hugs and Butterfly Kisses,
Your Sarah


Aug. 3rd, 2011


Update on my life

Okay, so things have taken a bit of a turn for the worse recently. You saw my previous post about getting accepted to the M.A. Paralegal Studies program at GWU - that's awesome. What's not awesome is being laid off last Friday. Yeah, that's right - I'm officially unemployed and have been since Monday morning. I qualify for unemployment, which is good, and have been applying for jobs nonstop since then, but I'd really rather have a job than be sitting around all day. (Hard to believe, I know, but still true.) It's not cool having to suddenly worry about money nonstop. Plus, I do NOT want to go back to an hourly wage job of something like $8.00 an hour. Those generally involve lots of standing and I've been spoiled working in an office. (I don't miss being yelled at nonstop, though. this is definitely a turn for the better.)

So, my first GW class - American Jurisprudence - starts the 29th of this month. Until then, I'm just applying for jobs nonstop, collecting unemployment, tumbling, and looping Chameleon Circuit's new album. (Also, I've start my great White Collar rewatch, and over the course of three days, I've gotten up to 2x10 - "Burke's Seven", for those of you who watch. I'm excited to catch up so that when USA airs the second half of the third season, I'm up to date. I also started season five of Psych with irish_smurf  today. That was fun.)

So yeah. That's the update on my life. Also, Kip is finally settling in - he's no longer chasing Pitz every five seconds, which is awesome. (He tried to chew on my DTen necklace today - NOT COOL. For those of you who were curious as to what it looks like, it's ADORABLE.)

Until next time, loves.

Hugs and Butterfly Kisses,
Your Sarah

P.S. Points to whoever gets that reference.

Jul. 13th, 2011

Captain Hammer - Thanks to ME


 Three weeks ago (as of tomorrow), I applied to George Washington University's online two-year Master of Arts program in Paralegal Studies. I got the phone call today - I'M IN!!!!!!


GWU CLASS OF 2013 <3

Jun. 29th, 2011

Kaylee - squee


 Okay, so I promised that I would eventually post about the best day of my life the day symphora and I went to NYC to see Darren Criss at the Irving Plaza.  First let me start by saying I can't believe it actually happened. I work full time, my boss is King of the Asshats, and I'm not a very spontaneous person. I would have thought that somebody (be it my parents, my boss, etc.) would have said "No, Sarah, you can't go" just about right off the bat. Well, there was no power in the 'Verse that could stop me person who said I couldn't, so I arranged to leave work that day (Wednesday the 15th) at 2PM. I then drove to the Hamilton train station, caught the next NJ Transit NEC line train to Penn Station, and was on my way to see Darren.

OMG, the people who saw symphora and I in New York Penn must have thought were were nuts, we were fangirling so much. We had expected to go and be like OMG IT'S DARREN CRISS but earlier that day, one of the Warblers had tweeted that a couple of them were planning on going to Darren's concert. Well, it turned out that "a couple of them" meant James David, Jon Hall, CURT MEGA, and RIKER LYNCH.  I thought it couldn't possibly get any better than being in the same room as Darren and my favorite Warblers, but it did. Darren opened the concert with "I'll Make A Man Out of You" from Mulan, which is the best effing opener anybody could ask for.  THEN. THEN. (It gets better.) After a couple songs of just Darren singing, HE BRINGS OUT THE WARBLERS TO SING WITH HIM. GUYS, THEY SANG TEENAGE DREAM. I think I died. Honestly.
Darren also sang quite a bit of Starkid stuff. He sang the entirety of "Gotta Get Back To Hogwarts" and when he got around to where Draco sings, he goes, "well, this is normally sung by Lauren Lopez, so how about I bring her out and have her sing it instead?" LAUREN FREAKIN' LOPEZ, PEOPLE. AND THEN SHE AND HE DUETED "GRANGER DANGER." Darren then sang some more stuff (while everyone was dying of awesome) and he starts telling this story about the songs he liked to close up shows with when he was still playing coffee shops and stuff, and was like, "when I joined glee, they were already doing what I "Valerie." But Naya Rivera already did that. So...maybe she could come out and sing it with me?" AND WHO COMES OUT FROM BACKSTAGE OTHER THAN NAYA HERSELF. OH MY GOD LET ME DIE.
At this point and for the rest of the show, we all learned the true meaning of I CAN'T EVEN. I still to this day can't believe it happened. Honestly one of the best days of my life to date. (For those who couldn't go, here's a link to a tumblr post where you can download the concert tracks - ) 

Jun. 16th, 2011

Captain Awesome - AWESOME

Yesterday I might as well have been kidnapped by hillfolk, never to be seen again...

...because yesterday was the BEST DAY EVER.


I will blog more about this later - still in full flail mode. Pictures and vids moving from my camera to laptop as I type. Darren, Warblers, Lauren Lopez, and Naya Rivera.



Jun. 5th, 2011

Kaylee - squee

Yesterday was another emotional rollercoaster.

In the morning, Scooter wasn't doing well at all. He wasn't eating, and he was just acting like he had given up fighting. We had decided, as a family, that we were gonna call the vet and have him write a prescription for valium so we could give it to Scooter before taking him in to have him put to sleep. (That way, the last thing he'd really remember was being at home, loved, and at least somewhat happy.) So, everyone's all upset, and we call Dr. Mason, only to have him say no, not yet, give him one more shot of steroids. If that doesn't work, then we can bring him in. So, we gave it to him, and then everything changed.  Over the next couple hours, he came out from under my parents' bed, was eating out of Pitzel's bowl, and was spending time with us. This morning, we gave him another shot, and he's still eating A TON. Also, he purred for my mother and I for the first time in over a week.

I think things might finally be turning around. The steroids are helping, and I couldn't be happier.

Jun. 3rd, 2011

Simon - Going Mad

I'm tired of emotional roller coasters.

Today was legit one of the best and worst days of my life. I managed, with the help of my AMAZING WONDERFUL FANTASTIC RP buddies, to get a ticket (along with symphora ) to go see Darren Criss in concert in two weeks in NYC. I was shaking all day from shock and wonder and awe and then I came home to find that Scooter's health had tanked and that my parents were taking him to the vet, most likely to put him down.  They waited for me to get home from work so I could either go with them or say my goodbyes at home. I decided (rightfully so) that I couldn't handle going with them, and instead took a couple minutes to say my final goodbyes.  I've been crying for the past hour. Then my dad called - the vet put him on new meds and they're bringing him home again.  We'll monitor him over the weekend, and reevaluate the situation on Monday.

Now I'm crying again, but I'm not sure if it's from joy, relief, and just worry and heartache. I just feel so worn and tired of worrying. I don't want Scooter to suffer, but this yes/no/yes/no stuff is slowly driving me crazy.

This has been my attempt to sort out my head.  Still not sure if it worked.

EDIT: Finally calming down. Very worn out, but returning to slightly happy and hopeful. Hope - my light in the dark for when all other lights go out. <3

Jun. 2nd, 2011

Simon - Going Mad

Scooter, Y U NO GET BETTER? :(

Well, that's not completely true. We've been forcefeeding him a bit, and we took him to the vet yesterday, and for the first time since his surgery, he hasn't lost any weight. This is good news. However, there is also bad news. The vet did another ultrasound after they gave him the second shot of chemo last night and found that one of the two remaining tumors has grown. We're taking him back Friday night to have the vet who did the surgery take another look at him and decide what the best course of action from here is.

So, the long and the short of it is that he's still not eating much, but he's happy, which is what matters. However, we think he's running out of time. Happy thoughts, please, guys.


May. 24th, 2011

Life&#39;s a Beach


It's been just shy of a week since his surgery, and he's almost completely back to his normal self. When it comes to his special food, he'll only eat it if you put it on your finger or a spoon, but whatever. HOWEVER. I came downstairs this morning to find him eating crunchies and normal wet food. BY HIMSELF. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY. He's purring again, and playing and jumping and it makes me absolutely ecstatic that he's almost back to normal (despite not eating as much).

Plus, the work week so far has been wonderful, and the Steampunk World's Fair this past weekend was epic. Cosplaying girl!Jack Harkness FTW - I GOT TO WALTZ WITH THE DOCTOR. 'Cause, as we all know, the world doesn't end because the Doctor Dances. (And as one of my friends said in regards to that ep, "John Barrowman, congratulations on your face.") rosalind39 took a ton of pictures, so when she gets back from the UK in two weeks, she should put them up on FB and I can link you guys. I'm so excited - one of them is totally becoming my new profile pic.

But yeah. Life is totally wonderful right now.
All my love,

May. 19th, 2011

Life&#39;s a Beach


So we did the surgery yesterday, and he came home all wobbly and drunk. It was amusing, and such a relief to just see him alive. The vet said we were gonna have to forcefeed him for a couple of days because he wouldn't want the food, but as of an hour ago, he ate the food Jill gave him without question.


I can't put into words exactly how relieved and happy I am right now.  Life truly is a beach today. <3

May. 18th, 2011

not a Truck Stop!, Transformers - Backyard

Update on Scooter.

So it turns out that the biopsy was inconclusive. I left work at 11 this morning - they were gonna open him up, try and remove the mass, and hope that it helped. We said our goodbyes just in case something was to have happened. Long and short of it - it's lymphoma. They removed the biggest of the masses (there are still two smaller ones) and resected his intestines to make up for the gap. He's gonna be on more meds for the next week and a half, and hopefully this should allow him to feel better. So, in the short term, this is fantastic. He'll start to feel better, he should start eating again, and he'll be happy. In the long term - well, this is a death sentence. It's cancer. He will die from it. We don't know if he has a couple of weeks or a couple of years, but it will eventually kill him. The vet offered chemo as an option - and will discuss it further with us when we pick him up later tonight - but we're not sure that we want to put him through it. If he's happy and eating, it might just be better to keep him happy until the other tumors start causing him problems and then end it. It all depends on how much chemo costs, how much pain he'll be in, and how much time it'll buy him. (I already told my parents that I'll chip in whatever money is necessary.)

So, for now, I'm relieved. I've cried so much in the past four days that I should be good for the next five years of my life. However, it's only temporary. The main point is that for now, he's alive, not in pain, and will hopefully get better.

May. 17th, 2011

Simon - Going Mad

I said I'd be around more...

...but then things changed. One of my two cats, Scooter, stopped eating over the weekend. We took him to the vet yesterday and found out that he has an abscessed mass in his abdomen.  We have meds to give him (in the form of shots) for the next five days. He seemed a little better after the first one. The vet also biopsied the mass, and we get those results today. I had a bit of a breakdown over the thought of losing him last night.

I'm just hoping for good news today. I don't want to live without my baby. <3

EDIT: My mom called the vet and they told her they won't have the results for two or three more days. Here's to hoping Scootie gets better in the meantime.

May. 12th, 2011


I haven't been around much, and for that, I apologize.

Mostly because I live on tumblr. Seriously. It was like that before, but now that Doctor Who has come back, as my tumblr title says, EVERYTHING IS DOCTOR WHO AND NOTHING HURTS. (For those of you who want to follow me on tumblr, americasalutesyourory. Also, for those of you who didn't know, I lead a Rory Williams appreciation life.)  My friends and I have also come up with a new theory as to who the little girl at the end of Day Of The Moon was.

The little girl is...Collapse )

Anyway, so. I apologize for not being around LJ much. I've sorta gone off my glee high and have moved onto my Doctor Who obsession.  So, if you're looking for me, shoot me an IM, FB message, or a message on tumblr.

Also, my graduation party and college graduation ceremony are this weekend! (Even though I've had my diploma for ages.) So, we're having a bunch of my friends and family over (most of my friends are gonna stay for Doctor Who - THE DOCTOR'S WIFE IS NEXT WEEK, OMG), and it's gonna be totally awesome. So, that's my life right now.

Much love,

EDIT: Glee high has returned in full force after "Prom Queen" aired. Not saying anything more for those who haven't seen it but OMG KLAINE. <33

EDIT II: I also may blog again tonight after work, depending on how I feel. I've been having like the shittiest week imaginable, and if it wasn't for my best friends and RP buddies, I'd be totally insane right now.

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